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New Special Collections Exhibit: The Art of War

by Tara Wink on 2017-05-08T16:02:09-04:00 in History, Art

“The Art of War: The Rhetoric of Propaganda Posters during World War II” is the title of a new exhibit now on display at F.H.G. Library. Located on the 6th floor by Special Collections, the exhibit examines the presence and purpose of rhetorical features in World War II propaganda posters.

Created after the declaration of war on the Empire of Japan, the Office of War Information was established by the US government with the purpose of regulating the content and imagery of war messages directed to pub

lic, particularly the production of war propaganda posters. These posters dealt with a variety of themes such as the need to work, the nature of the enemy, and the need to sacrifice. Rhetorically manipulating the viewer through an plea to a distinctly American appeal to pathos and emphasizing the personal agency of a single individual within a worldwide conflict. These posters proved valuable in cultivating patriotic moral. 

On display are a variety of posters reflecting the various themes and rhetorical approaches used to advertise war bonds to the public and promote a work ethic beneficial to the war effort. Visit the exhibit to learn exactly how art was weaponized and used to fight on the Home Front during the Second World War.

The exhibit is open during normal library hours.

The exhibit was created and the blog post was written by Chadd Heller, English Major and Class of 2017.

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