Theatre: THA316 Spring 2017

A Research Guide for Theatre from West Chester University Libraries

Streaming Video/Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet on DVD

Costume Websites


Two databases have images for all the time periods you are studying. Databases covering limited time periods are listed on the time period's subpage. ARTstor,an image database, and Oxford Art Online, a comprehensive database for art which allows limiting to images, will be useful throughout this course. Vogue Archive has some images that might help. You may also be interested in getting costume ideas from watching productions of plays set in various time periods. Play productions can be found online in Digital Theatre Plus, the Drama section of Films on Demand, Theatre in Video, and BBC Shakespeare Plays.

From off campus, select West Chester from the Institution drop-down menu and log in with your campus username and password.

eBooks with broad coverage of costume

Books in print covering many periods

Use the links to find the status (checked in, checked out, etc.) of the books you are interested in. Reference books are always checked in and can be used only in the library.

Contact information

For assistance, please contact me: Pat Newland,, 610-436-2256, FHG Library room 233.

This guide is a work in progress. Use the down arrow of the page's tab to find subpages.

Romeo and Juliet costume websites

Finding books about costume/costume design

Below are examples of subject headings that you might find useful. Note that many of the headings are also subdivided, making it possible to narrow your search.

Clothing and dress

Color and its subdivisions.narrower topics (e,g, Color in art; Color in design; Color--Psychological aspects; Color--Social aspects)

Costume and its subdivisions (e.g., Costume--History, Costume--Social aspectsCostume--England--History--18th century)

Costume design and its subdivisions (e.g., Costume design--History, Costume design--Periodicals)

Men's clothing

Theatrical makeup

Women's clothing

You can also search for specific articles of clothing, for instance, Evening gowns or Hats.

You may also be interested in browsing the shelves. You will find books about costume in the following classification numbers. Note that some areas of the classification schedule have changed but older material may not have been reclassified. Nevertheless, you'll find most of what you're looking for in the numbers given.

Dewey Decimal Classification for browsing the shelves

391 Clothing, costume, fashion (and see more specific numbers such as 391.3, Clothing of children)

646.4 Sewing clothing, constructing clothing (and see more specific numbers such as 646.402, Men's clothing)

746.92 Fashion design

792.026 Costuming

792.027 Makeup and hair


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