Theatre: THA216 Spring 2017

A Research Guide for Theatre from West Chester University Libraries


Use the following databases to find information about plays, playwrights, productions, etc., the texts of plays, or productions to view.

From off campus, select West Chester from the Institution drop-down menu and log in with your campus username and password.

Finding books about theatre

Below are examples of subject headings that you might find useful for this class. Note that many of the headings are also subdivided, making it possible to narrow your search.See the Books sub-page under the Theatre home tab for other theatre subject searches.

Theaters and its subdivisions (e.g., Theaters--Sound effects, Theaters--Stage-setting and scenery) and Theater architecture and its subdivisions

Headings for works dealing with stagecraft

If you are looking for biography or criticism about O'Neill, do a subject heading search under his name. This type of search works for books about anyone.

If you are looking for plays by O'Neill, do an author search under his name. This type of search works for books by anyone. It also works for actors, musicians, and other performers and people associated with theatre or film.

The following searches may help with the plays you are working on this semester. Try similar searches for other locations or other time periods.

Take a look at the annual volume of Theatre World (Biblio 792.06 T374) for the year a production you're interested in took place. Each volume has some photographs from productions of the year.

Browse the shelves in our art collection on the 5th floor in the call numbers ranges listed below. Check both regular and oversize books (call numbers beginning with Q). Below is a list of call number ranges by type of art.

         Landscaping & area planning 
         Sculpture, ceramics & metalwork 
         Drawing & decorative arts 
         Graphic arts 
         Photography & computer art 


From off campus, log in with your WCU username and password.

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