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PHI 102: Books and Websites

A research guide for Introduction to Religious Studies.

Find Books

Books can be a great source for topics in Religous Studies.

Reference Books

You can use one of our encyclopedias as a good way to get started, either by using one to help find a topic, gather background information, or find a list of sources on your topic. 

Tips for Evaluating Websites

Remember that not all websites are good for college-level research!  Here are a few tips for identifying one that is.

  1. Not all .org websites are the website of an actual organization/religious group/movement.  All .org means is that it is a not-for-profit website.  Check to see if you can find information on who runs an organization, what the organization does, financial information, information about joining/donating, etc.
  2. If it is a website of an individual, can they claim to be an expert on the topic either through education (such as Ph.D. or a Doctorate or Masters in Divinity) or through work experience (such as being a practicing minister of a faith)?
  3. If it is a .edu website, make sure that the work you are looking at is by an expert not a student.
  4. Check to make sure the website is up-to-date.  If there is an old copyright date or lots of dead links, select another site.
  5. Make sure the website is written at an appropriate level.  There are lots of informational websites out there aimed at kids.  The information on those sites will be edited to remove topics that might not be appropriate for children, but you would want to know about.

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