Faculty Resources: Content-Level Links

This guide provides information about using library resources to support teaching and learning.

Problems with Videos or other Library Resources in D2L?

Alert (as of Sept. 2013) :  Embedded videos or links to library resources in D2L may be blocked by browser security settings.  See the attached document (also posted in D2L) for details on what students need to do to turn off those settings & watch the videos.

EZproxy: What is it & why does it matter?

EZproxy is software that the library uses to provide "authenticated" off-campus access to licensed library resources for WCU students, staff, and faculty.  The EZproxy URL string directs users to a webpage where they must log in with their WCU credentials (WCU username/password, or library barcode number).  The software confirms "OK, you're a WCU user - go ahead to the resource!" and then the user is passed through to the database or other subscription content.

WCU libraries' EZproxy/authentication string is

You will see this proxy URL automatically inserted in persistent links to articles in EBSCO databases, e.g.

However some database vendors do not support the addition of this authentication for individual titles or other discrete content in the database.  On this page we provide instructions for how to add this EZproxy URL so that links to content will be accessible from off-campus as well as on-campus.

As always, if you have questions or problems, feel free to contact Jane Hutton, jhutton@wcupa.edu, 610.436.3453

(If you're interested in learning more about EZproxy, see http://www.oclc.org/ezproxy/ )

Links to EEBO and ECCO Books

1. Early English Books Online (EEBO)

Each of the digital works in this collection has a "Durable URL" which leads directly to the document. 

Once you have located the document in the collection, find the Durable URL by clicking on the "DOCUMENT IMAGE" icon ; then click on the blue button labeled Durable URL.

Copy & paste [Ctrl-C] this URL into Notepad or WordPad.   Now, to ensure off-campus access from the URL, the WCU EZproxy string has to be added in front, so




2. Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)

The "Source Citation" at the bottom of the page in the online document view includes the durable URL to the document, e.g.

Stable Links to Articles

Stable (also called permanent, or persistent) links to articles, audio tracks or video segments are available in most library databases.  However the links are located and named differently by each database vendor.

1. Article links in EBSCO databases are the easiest.
Use the "Persistent link to this record (Permalink)" near the bottom of the article description page.

This article persistent link, http://proxy-wcupa.klnpa.org/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=48299785&site=ehost-live&scope=site , contains the EZproxy string (see information at left) for WCU users to access the resource off-campus as well as on-campus.  [Article: Holdcroft, D. (2009). South Africa's black and white minstrels. Eureka Street, 19(24), 42-44.]

2. Article links in JSTOR
Click on the "Item Information" link:

The "Stable URL" is part of the Bibliographic Info:

Unfortunately the JSTOR stable URL, http://www.jstor.org/stable/3172434 , does not include the EZproxy for off-campus authentication.  So the EZproxy URL must be inserted at the beginning of the URL which then becomes:

See other boxes on this page for more tips on identifying stable links to resources - and see our video tutorial, "Links That Work!"

Links to Audio and Video

1. Music Online databases from Alexander Street Press.
Links to music tracks and albums are easily located in these databases.  Look for the "Embed/Link" icon (circled in red, below).


If you are using an on-campus computer, this link won't include the EZproxy URL.  But if you are off-campus, it will!  So look closely.  

The off-campus Embed/Link URL to this Brandenburg Concerto, http://muco.alexanderstreet.com.proxy-wcupa.klnpa.org/View/83398 , contains the "proxy-wcupa.klnpa.org" authentication string so it will work both on and off-campus. 

If you are on-campus, simply add the EZproxy URL to the beginning.  Thus http://muco.alexanderstreet.com/View/83398 becomes


Playlists can also be created and shared in these databases.

2. Theatre in Video
Click on the link for details>>  to find the Permanent links for an entire video or video segment.  Clicking on a link icon (indicated by red circles, below) opens a new window with the video link URL, e.g. http://wcupa.ativ.alexanderstreet.com.proxy-wcupa.klnpa.org/video/player/track/3221364024   If you are off-campus you will see that these URLs contain the EZproxy URL for off-campus access.

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