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Popular Culture (WRT 204): Finding Articles

A guide to using WCU Libraries to find good sources for popular culture topics.

OneSearch for Popular Culture

I suggest OneSearch as a starting point for most popular culture topics, because it covers many areas of study from film to advertising to sports.

The downside is that OneSearch may bring back an overwhelming number of results.  If you have a focused topic, you may want to try one of the subject-specific databases in the column on the right to get fewer results.

Newpaper and Magazine Articles

There are tons of newspaper and magazine articles on popular culture topics.  Just remember that most of these articles with be very short and NOT SCHOLARLY.  

Databases for specifc subject areas

We have a number of databases that you can use to find scholarly articles on popular culture topics.  The best databases will vary based on your particular topic.  Keep in mind that all the databases that we get from EBSCOhost (indicated below) can be searched together.  Simply go into one of the databases, then click on the "choose databases" link near the top of the page to add in others.

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